The Leader in Private Branded MIG Guns, TIG Torches Gouging Torches & Carbons and Related Consumables

Astaras, Inc.

6901 Bryan Dairy Road, Suite 160

Largo, Florida 33777

PH: 727-546-9600

FX: 727-546-9699

Customer Service

Gloria LeBlanc

EXT: 100


Craig Larson

EXT: 114

Project Manager

Kent New

EXT: 107

Office Administrator

Sue Whitcomb

EXT: 108


Ed Wilson

EXT: 104

Product Specialist

Jeannie Zimmerman

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Josh Durfee

EXT: 102

Marketing Manager

Roy LeBlanc

EXT: 103

Warehouse Manager

Thomas Fontana

EXT: 119

High Density Sales Manager

Ross Wayman

PH: 727-515-9225

Our New Tungsten Factory